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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Welcome to the Start Programming with Python ebook

So you want to start programming? Good idea. It's a fun and challenging hobby or a valuable skill for future job prospects.

This site is the home of a new programming ebook: Start Programming with Python. This book is a work in progress. I have already written several tutorials on another web site and now I'm going to put them together in one book, plus some additional information I've picked up over the years.

I will post the initial rough draft once I've copied and edited the tutorials. I will essentially "open-source" the book and make revisions and additions based on feedback from the Internet community. Based on the response to the book, I will consider printing the book in dead-tree format.

For those interested right now, you can find my "old" tutorials at the following sites. There are multiple parts to each tutorial, so make sure to look for the whole series.

Beginning Python Tutorial (Part 1)

Developing GUIs with wxPython (Part 1)

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