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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Editing book

Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't made any updates lately (nor will I in the near future) because I am currently editing and converting the book to PDF.

I imported the RTF files into LyX (a LaTeX front-end) and I'm using the "book" template to convert it to PDF. This way, if you decide to print it out, it will be formatted as a book, i.e. Table of Contents, page numbers, etc.

Using LaTeX reduces the amount of extra work I have to do since it handles a lot of the formatting on it's own. It's taking a little longer than I originally expected, though, because I'm editing it as I format it.

Once I have this conversion done, I will add a few chapters to the Appendix showing code samples and suggested practice problems, plus listings of the various methods, functions, and other good bits of reference material. Then I will "publish" it on this blog for everyone to download.

I plan on extending it when I get a chance to include the GUI tutorials I wrote. Hopefully it will be one of the more comprehensive "intro to programming" books available.

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