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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Links fixed

I moved the PDF and HTML versions to my Google Docs account and updated the links on the sidebar. You should now be able to view/download either version of the book without any problems. If you do encounter problems, please let me know.

I will admit the book has not been updated yet like I intended. Python 3 has been out for a while but the book focuses on Python 2.x. This doesn't mean the information is bad; Python 3 doesn't get rid or change much of the feature set from 2.x. The biggest change is probably the print function. If you learn Python 2.x, you'll have no problem moving to Python 3's features.

Additionally, a lot of *nix distributions don't include Python 3 by default yet, so if you are using Linux or Mac, chances are you won't notice any problems. If you have difficulties, take a look at the Python 3 section or the Python website.

When I finish my Ph.D., or at least have a break from work and homework, I would like to revise the book, but until then it will have to remain the way it is.

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