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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thanks to everyone

Just wanted to say "Thank you" to everyone who has bought a copy of my book. It's only been available for purchase of two months but I've already sold 16 dead tree copies and 47 electronic books. I don't know how many free copies have been downloaded, since I'm not using a shopping cart system or anything like that.

I'm not making a lot of money with it, but that's fine. My goal is to spread knowledge and give back to the FOSS community. Of course, I won't say no to receiving royalties though. :)

Once again, thanks for your appreciation of my work. Let me know what you would like to see in the next edition.

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yogastyo sukmanto said...

You're such a kind person, so many people want to keep their secret about their knowledge. I hope you got a lot of more money "without making money". More about those person whose keep their knowledge bases in royalty brain will got nothing except money. It's honor to know you.