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Thursday, February 2, 2012

New electronic formats available

I found a new self-publishing company that converts my book into multiple electronic formats, allow readers to purchase the version they prefer. I will not be removing the free versions, however, as obscurity is worse than losing money.

I have spent two weeks editing the book to make it better for e-readers, but there is a limit to what can be done. The conversion process automatically strips leading white space, so even if I manually entered non-breaking spaces, it doesn't make the necessary indents visible. I apologize for this and highly recommend that, whether you purchase my book or download a free version, you also get a copy of the source code files, the PDF version, or purchase a copy of the paperback so you can see exactly how the code blocks are supposed to look.

I am also uploading the new Kindle version to Amazon. While it won't necessarily have the indents, it should take care of the extra line breaks and the missing chapters some people have complained about.

If you notice any problems with the book, in any format, please let me know. It is relatively trivial to make the changes and upload new files to the various distribution services.


SMS said...

Cody, first of all I would like to say a big thanks for your book.

I have flipped through its pages and looks promising :) But I think there's an issue with it...a big one! I have tried to find the LaTeX files (i.e. the book's source code, NOT Python's!) and could not find it. Maybe it's somewhere hidden and missed my attention? I hope because in case you are not sharing the book code, you are actually violating your license!

The reason I want it is so I may improve your Python sample codes, because it's way too ugly. I would like to improve it since I have a lot of experience with both LaTeX and Texinfo. I know a bit how to "beautify" it a bit ;)

Have you consider share it via github and make "a must have it" ebook for candidate Pythonistas?

Cody Jackson said...

I'm not sure which license you are referring to. The source code in the book is covered by the GPL and is available not only in the book itself but also on the web site.

The CC license that covers the book does not require that the book's "source code" be made available. The book is freely available in a variety of formats, from ASCII text and RTF to HTML and PDF. Anyone is free to take one of these versions and use it as needed.

However, since you have asked for it, I will post the most recent LaTeX file for my book. If you can improve it, that's great. I don't claim to know a lot about optimizing LaTeX, as I simply don't have the time, but others are welcome to make changes. The goal is to make something that is useful for others.

Thank you for your comment.