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Monday, April 2, 2012

Raw book files available

Per a reader request, I am making the raw files for my book available (see the navigation sidebar). The files available are LyX (which I wrote the book in) and TeX (converted from the LyX file). Beyond that, the Smashwords link provides a multitude of file formats if you desire something different to work with.


stefanos said...

Cody, I have finished with the draft of the newly edited file.

I would like to have your feedback whether you like it or not. In case you don't like it, I will keep it for myself then.

Can you please send me an email at stefanossofroniou542 [at] gmail [dot] com? I cannot send it to you from here.

Tom Simpson said...

Cody, this looks like very useful material.
I like the HTML version, but the 2nd Edition version seems to stop after chapter 6 ???
Was that intentional?
The nice thing about the HTML version is that the formatting of code works better.
Thanks for putting all this great content out for everyone to use. Do you have a donation jar?
Tom Simpson
CS Teacher
Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
Columbia, SC

Cody Jackson said...

Tom, thank you for identifying the problem with the HTML version. I thought I had updated it when I made the corrections a few months back, but apparently did not.

I have updated the HTML link so you should be able to access the entire book now.

I don't have a donation link; I have typically relied on people just buying a copy of the book as a way of showing appreciation. However, I will take your question into consideration.

I hope you find the book useful in your classes. Feel free to download or purchase whatever format works best for you.

If you find any other problems or have other suggestions, please let me know.

Tómas Þór Jónsson said...

The link to the TeX version is dead.

Cody Jackson said...

The link for the TeX and LyX files should now be working.