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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Google Ads disabled

So, even after removing the links to my torrent files, Google's AdSense team still says I'm violating their policies. Unfortunately, since you can never talk to a living person at Google, I don't know exactly what I'm doing wrong.

Therefore, this site is now ad-free. Financially, it doesn't make a big difference to me; I was only making about $6 a month in ad revenue, so it's not like I'm missing the money.

However, I would simply ask that, if you downloaded the book for free and find it useful, please consider buying an electronic copy, or two, or three. :) Since I don't have a donations button, and can't have ads on the site, book purchases are the only way I make any money for my effort.

However, I will continue to offer the book for free for those unwilling or uninterested in purchasing it. Please don't feel obligated in giving me money. I wrote the book for the benefit of others and the money is simply a nice thing to have.

Again, thank you for your interest and, if you buy a copy, I greatly appreciate it.


Gego said...

Dear Jackson,

I would like to give you a hit on a change that would be good to make to the TeX source, make the lstlistings monospaced and, if you want coloured.

Here is a good tutorial, and code examples for lstlistings:

Antonio Calvillo said...

Dude, yu need to have a donations button. Get a paypal one, you'll see much more than those 6 bucks, because your book is good.

Josh said...

you should make a nook version of your ebook availabe at barnes & noble website

Anonymous said...

Umm, so how come there are still ads on your site? Seeing ads here in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Why not have a donation button? It is awkward buying multiple copies of books rather than giving $X amount as a donation.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered using flattr?+

And what about setting a github account with the TeX files so people can add corrections and extend your work?

Anonymous said...

Selling book is not the only way to get donations.
You can receive donations using Bicoin digital currency.

Just publish your BitCoin address
and you are all set to recieve donations in BitCoin.
After that you can exchange Bitcoins for currency you like and get funds.
No intermediary, no large fees, no problem with Bitcoin.

Cody Jackson said...

A Nook version is available through the Smashwords link. Because of the number of different formats available, I did not want to have a separate link for all of them, but I'm sure you can find what you want via that link.

Cody Jackson said...

Frankly, I haven't had the time to devote to enhancing the book lately, particularly making a "group link" like GitHub or similar.

Regarding donations, I have felt that, if people want to support my efforts, they can buy a book. If they really want to support me, they can buy multiple copies.

I realize that not everyone has a credit card and that Paypal et al. can be good. I will consider adding it in the future.

drmrboy said...

I have created a public github repository for the raw LYX and TEX files at Start-Programming-with-Python.

Cody Jackson said...

@drmrboy, thanks for the info. I was actually going to do that this weekend, but you beat me to it. I greatly appreciate it.

I will add your link on the side so it doesn't get lost.

Bradley said...

I am going through this excruciating process right now. I've tried to get AdSense enabled on watchitstream.com, a site for finding legal video content. They've run their bots on the site twice and rejected it for copyrighted material. No context, no reasoning provided. All of the content is provided via publicly licensed APIs, but because we're focused on streaming movies and tv shows the bots just assume that the content must be illegal.

I could accept that bug in the logic, except there is no way to appeal to a human being at AdSense. I have no way to restore my account, submit a support ticket, or talk to a real person. The only way to appeal is to submit your site to the bots again.

The only response I've received from their forum amounts to, "Yeah, we see sites mis-flagged all the time. We don't have to partner with every site. Deal with it." That's not okay, especially if these bots are the same ones that are cataloging online information for most of the world.

It is good to hear you got through, but it should take less than a potential PR backlash to get a human to reconsider these cases.