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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Request for reviews

Just a simple request for readers of my book: regardless of whether you purchased my book or got it for free, if you wouldn't mind, could you please stop by Amazon and post a review of my book? Be honest; if it rates one star, at least tell me what the problems are so they can be corrected. If you love it, let me know.

I would like to know how I'm doing and one way is via Amazon. So far, I've only have four people give a review (three in US, one in UK). I recognize that some people have posted comments to my blog, which I greatly appreciate. However, more reviews on Amazon mean more people are likely to find it. Let me know how I'm doing and if you have anything specific to complain about, let me know so I can incorporate it in the next version.

Revised edition to be started

I plan on working on a new edition sometime next year. I am currently writing a novel and I'm halfway done. When I have it completed and published, I will start on a new version of my Python programming book.

Expectations for the new book include a chapter on web programming and a more in-depth discussion of GUI development, with pictures. Because of the number of digital books I have sold compared to print versions, I will concentrate on making it look good for ebook readers; at least, as much as possible.

If anyone has suggestions for chapters or would like to help out, please let me know.