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Monday, March 18, 2013

A $99+ value for only $4

I found this today, a site that "certifies" you in Python programming for only $99. More expensive, but more in-depth, is the variety of courses offered by O'Reilly.

As I was looking through the syllabus for the first site's course, I laughed because it is almost identical to what I put in my book. I'm not saying they copied my book (I don't know how long they've been around), but it is funny that I offer 95% of what they cover in my $4 ebook. Granted, I don't offer "certification", but since it isn't offered by the Python organization, I wouldn't consider it a "real" certification of knowledge; more like a certification of attendance.

Now, the O'Reilly material sounds to be a much better deal, relatively speaking. The problem is, you can learn much of the material yourself for free via websites or cheaply with books. But that's only if you want the same amount of knowledge they provide. If you just want to program, you don't need to spend $400.

So, if you want to justify your purchase of my book, just think of it like you're getting a 96% discount. And the material is copyright-free and DRM-free. What a deal! :)

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