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Friday, March 15, 2013

Working on new edition

I've finished my initial draft for my novel and will be working on a new edition of my programming book while I wait for editing.

(If you're interested in being a "beta" reviewer of my novel, I would appreciate it. You can find the original version at https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1120513 and a revised version at https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1121064. If you read them, please let me know what you think; I've had over 50 people download a copy but only one has given me any feedback. Thanks.)

Anyways, about the new edition. I haven't heard from anyone about what they would like to see, so I'm planning on adding some screenshots of GUI development, maybe elaborating a bit more on how to do it, and adding a section about web development, since that is a big deal nowadays.

If anyone has anything they want included, or other changes to be made, please let me know.

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