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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Newest version coming soon

I have finished making the changes to the newest version of my book and am working on converting it to various electronic formats. At mentioned before, I will not be posting all the different file formats on this blog; it's difficult to ensure I have all the latest versions updated whenever I make changes. I will only post the PDF version and provide a link to SmashWords if you want to download the book in a format of your choice, e.g. Nook.

I will upload a .mobi version to the Amazon site as well. I will keep the original version on there but I plan on dropping the price of it. However, I will not be making a new print version of the latest edition; there simply aren't enough sales of the physical book to make it worthwhile to deal with the process.

I plan on posting the links to the latest version this weekend, if all goes well.

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