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Friday, June 7, 2013

Revised Edition is now available!

I have uploaded my ebook to SmashWords and you can get a free copy of the PDF through the link at left. I won't be uploading free copies of the various formats because, frankly, it is a pain in the butt converting them all and making sure they all work. Many of the poor reviews I've received with the first edition are due to formatting problems between the various versions and I don't want to deal with that again.

As soon as the revised edition is approved by Amazon, I will post a link to it as well, though I suspect most people find it directly through Amazon. I am going to reduce the price of the first edition; I'm curious to see how much the price affects sales, if any.

However, I'm still offering the book to the world at large for free, so don't feel guilty that you're "pirating" it by uploading your copy to the Internet or making a torrent file. Naturally, I would prefer that you make a donation or purchase a copy if you find the book useful, but it's more important to me that people find the book helpful. That means they need to be able to find it by any means possible.

So, share and enjoy!

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