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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Esperanto edition?

I'm learning Esperanto and I'm considering writing an Esperanto version of my book. Is anyone interested?

It would help me learn the Esperanto language but I'm also working on my new novel. Thus, if there isn't any interest, I'll continue with the normal language lessons and not worry about translating it.

Let me know what you think.


Swoop said...

Saluton, I just discovered your site and your book a few minutes ago. An Esperanto version of your book? Definitely interested. Is it worth the effort? That's up to you.

I'm not fluent in Esperanto, I'm somewhere in the intermediate range. Coincidentally, that's where I'm at with Python. And I'm not actually actively learning Esperanto at the moment.

You could try translating a few pages, post them online and see what people think?

Anonymous said...

Koran saluton el Hispanujo:

I just downloaded your book, and I think is quite good... I see that you're "in love" with Python (as I am), well... then... the only relevant question is "do you LOVE Esperanto too?"

If affirmative (as is my case, again), you MUST write it! (and I'll very pleased to read it)

THANKS by the english version, and good luck in writing "Pitono, la plejbona programlingvo"...

Josberto Vieira said...

Please, translate this book to esperanto: http://www.nltk.org/book/
Esperanto + PYTHON + NLTK is great!

Cody Jackson said...

I just got a consulting license to start a business, and I'll be retiring from the military next year. I haven't practiced Esperanto since I moved back from Japan last year, but I'll see what I can do.

If anyone is willing to help out, please let me know.