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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wizpert button

You may have noticed the Wizpert button on the left navbar. I received an invite from the Wizpert company to be an "expert" in Python programming for those seeking advice.

Essentially, it allows those interested to have a chat session with me to discuss items of interest. While I signed up as a Python person, I also have experience in a vast number of IT-related areas, such as general help desk issues, Macs, Linux (still studying for Linux+ so current knowledge is limited), etc.

Feel free to use the widget or the Wizpert site to contact me directly. Unfortunately, I'm not always available because my military work prevents me from accessing Gmail, G+, or other online chat programs while at work. Thus, you'll have to catch me when I'm not working.

If you want to schedule a session when I'm not actively online, shoot me a PM via Facebook or G+, post on this blog, or you can find some other way of notifying me. I'll do my best to set up a time with you to chat.

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John Williams said...

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