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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Close to Publishing Third Edition

I'm in the editing phase of the newest edition. I hope to release it within the next few months. If anyone wants to help out by editing, or even just proof-reading, the book, please let me know.

Since I self-publish these books, all editing is done by volunteers. If I paid for it, it would cost nearly $1,500, which is more than I make in sales per year. Not complaining, just letting everyone know why it can take so long to write and edit it.


Alice Kottmyer said...

If what you need is basic "English grammar" proofing, I can do that.

However, I'm a novice in Python. I wouldn't be able to check code.

Happy to help out if it would be useful.

Cody Jackson said...


Thank you for the offer. I'm still checking the additions that I've made, but once that is done, I will contact you for grammar checking and general copy-editing.

Thanks again,

Cody Jackson said...

Alice and others,

If you would like to receive a preview copy to assist with proof-reading and editing, please email me at codyjackson891 (at) gmail.com so I can provide you a copy.