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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Editing book

Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't made any updates lately (nor will I in the near future) because I am currently editing and converting the book to PDF.

I imported the RTF files into LyX (a LaTeX front-end) and I'm using the "book" template to convert it to PDF. This way, if you decide to print it out, it will be formatted as a book, i.e. Table of Contents, page numbers, etc.

Using LaTeX reduces the amount of extra work I have to do since it handles a lot of the formatting on it's own. It's taking a little longer than I originally expected, though, because I'm editing it as I format it.

Once I have this conversion done, I will add a few chapters to the Appendix showing code samples and suggested practice problems, plus listings of the various methods, functions, and other good bits of reference material. Then I will "publish" it on this blog for everyone to download.

I plan on extending it when I get a chance to include the GUI tutorials I wrote. Hopefully it will be one of the more comprehensive "intro to programming" books available.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Final chapter for the "core" book

I have just completed the initial draft for the last chapter of the core book (the basic parts of programming and the Python language). I will work on the sections talking about GUI development and the appendixes as time permits. The new chapter can be found at my Google Docs site and via the sidebar on the left.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New draft chapter - Distributing Your Program

I finally got a chance to write the next chapter for the book: Distributing Your Program. As usual, you can find it on the links to the left or click the link above. I will be updating the Google Docs as I finalize the drafts so use the sidebar links to get the latest version.